Course Care

Please look after our course by doing the following

  • Take a sand bucket with you and cover your divot with sand
  • Do not take trundlers onto the greens
  • Do not drive carts any closer to the greens than 10 meters
  • Do not drive carts onto the tee areas.  Keep carts to the paths
  • Rake the bunkers smooth after you have walked in them
  • Repair you pitch marks on the greens

Please look after yourself and others

  • Yell "Fore" when your ball is heading to another player
  • Allow faster players in the group behind you to play through - give them a wave and step aside while they tee off
  • Turn your cell phones to silent mode

Please - have fun !  Golf shirts available in the shop and it's best to wear shoes. Protect yourself from the sun - sunscreen, sun sleeves, sunglasses and sun-blok umbrellas sold in our golf shop.


Course employees (Green Keepers) always have the right of way.

Fairway and rough maintenance

Players must wait for an approaching vehicle or mower to pass behind, or out of range, before playing their shot. Alternatively, players may be called on by the operator to play on.

Greens maintenance

If a green is being worked on by our course team, and the flagstick is not in the hole, players are not to hit up to the green until the flagstick is replaced and the green is cleared, or if they have been called up to play on.


Spraying of pesticides, fungicides and other chemicals are an essential part of course maintenance. Warning signs regarding spraying will be displayed on the starting tee when toxic chemicals are in use. A member or visitor is advised that it is at their own discretion if they choose to use the course on days when chemicals have been applied.