HOLE BY HOLE (Click photos & graphics to view full size), followed by 'ESC' when finished.

No. 1. A good straight drive down the middle of the narrow fairway, avoiding the bunkers on the right, will set you up well for your approach to the green on this par 5 hole. The large green is protected by two bunkers – right hand side and front left.

No. 2. A straight drive is absolutely essential on this hole. Go left and you are out of bounds on the airport road. Go right and you might find yourself on the 8th fairway. When you get to the green, your problems are not over, because there are steep slopes to both sides and beyond.

No. 3. Again the position of your drive on this Par 4 is important, with out-of-bounds on the left and trees on the right. The large green is elevated and well protected by bunkers and has some interesting hole positions on the slightly sloping surface.

From the back of No.3 green
From the back of No.3 green

No. 4. An exciting par 4 – the widest fairway on the course. A good long drive makes for an easy approach to another large green. Good chance of a birdie if your putter is working well.

No. 5.  The first par 3, but quite a long one. Club selection can vary widely depending on the wind but it has another large undulating green which has bunkers front left and front right.

No. 6 A well positioned drive is a must on this hole – a dog-leg to the right. The fairway is undulating and the green is two level and large. Three bunkers are waiting at the green for an off-line shot.

No. 7.  Another slight dog-leg hole which presents no problems for a well struck drive. The sloping green is elevated on both sides and back which means some careful recovery shots for anyone that misses it.


No. 8. A straight drive down the slightly undulating fairway should pose no problems on this hole. The green is large and sloping and the approach is guarded right and left with bunkers. The green's contours can pose some real problems.


No. 9. A long straight par 4 and, with a good drive over the hill, you are left with a good chance of hitting a fairly flat green protected on the left side by one bunker. Out of bounds on the right is a risk with tee and second shots.