An introduction to the Whakatane Golf Course

Although close to the sea, we have been described as a 'parkland' course rather than a 'links' course.

The fairways are flat or undulating and most greens are accommodating for approach shots, but there are a few where accuracy is essential.  

Bunkers are numerous, but there are no water hazards.

We pride ourselves on being a Championship Course with  our superb fast greens.

Fairway watering means we can offer lush fairways.

Detailed comments and photos on a hole by hole basis are available for viewing.


New Zealand scratch indices:

  • Men Blue Tees - 71.4 (Slope index 114)
  • Men White Tees - 68.9 (Slope index 111)
  • Ladies White Tees - 75.5 (Slope index 126)
  • Ladies Yellow Tees - 72.4 (Slope index 118)

Distance markers set in the fairways, to centre of green:

Blue - 180 metres; White - 135 metres; Red - 100 metres



See our notice board near the Pro Shop for full details of local rules, permanent & temporary.


OUT OF BOUNDS—Beyond all boundary fences & white stakes/paint around the clubhouse area


ABNORMAL GROUND CONDITIONS (GUR) (Rule 25) - Any area bounded by white lines and/or the letters “GUR”.

The maintenance sheds identified by blue stakes and white line.



Staked trees—players MUST take relief without penalty.

The roadway which runs from the 10th tee to the maintenance sheds.


EMBEDDED BALL (Rule 24-2) - Relief is extended “Through the green” (See page 127 Rules of Golf)


CLEAN & PLACE (WHEN PERMITTED)—Applies to a ball lying on any ‘closely mown area’ of the hole being played. Ball may be lifted, cleaned & placed within 15cm of where it originally lay.


Whakatane's 'Signature' 16th
Whakatane's 'Signature' 16th