From the Executive Board

Whakatane Golf Club

Welcome to our first communication from your new Executive Board.

We would like to keep our members regularly updated, and will provide communication to members using both email and new notice boards at the club - there is now a notice board  for the Executive Board in the downstairs corridor.   We will provide you with the Executive Board minutes following our meetings within a timely fashion  (aiming for within 7 days, allowing time for approval).

The overall direction of the golf club is the responsibility of the Executive Board, which is made up of the President, the Finance Officer and three Board members.

Board Members:   Peter McCarty,  Rema Hinds,  Tim Trowell

Finance Officer:  Megan Aldridge

President:  Wayne Aldridge


The Executive Board  are pleased to confirm the appointments of the members of the 3 Management Committees:


Robyn Johnson

John Crawshaw

Ross Tindall

Phil Carling


Phil Moeke

Paul Wardlaw

Paul Reid

Megan Aldridge ( Finance Officer )


Ladies 18Hole Club Captain:  Jane Gordon

Ladies 9Hole Club Captain:  Dawn Heal

Mens 18Hole Club Captain:  Pete McLaverty

Mens 9Hole Club Captain:  Sid Leabourn

Veterans President:  Miro Cooper

Non-Member Representative: Raymond Hinton

Junior Golf Representative:  Vacant - would you be interested in this position ?

We were delighted with the eagerness these members have shown by putting their names forward to be involved in the management of our club. 



Executive Board  Whakatane Golf Club

 Rema Hinds     Peter McCarty     Tim Trowell    Wayne Aldridge   Megan Aldridge