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THE COURSE - This main page will tell you about course statistics and local rules, whilst the sub-menus (right) provide links to panoramic photos of all 1st Nine & Back Nine Holes. Ultimately, for the really serious visiting golfer, we intend to provide a graphic for each hole, giving distances and key features.

MEMBERS ONLY - Provides information mainly of interest to Club Members, notices, club news, results etc, with the following sub-links:

VISITORS - Whether local, or from out of town, potential visitors need to know when are good times to play our course and how much they can expect to pay in green fees. Special rates are on offer. A sub-menu link provides national and international visitors with instant access to Whakatane's accommodation and dining choices, as well as suggestions for non-golf activities.

JOINING - We are keen to build up our membership, young and not-so-young. This page provides information and advice for anyone wishing either to renew their acquaintance with the sport or to take up golf for the first time. A link is provided to a simple web form for contacting the Club and setting wheels in motion for joining.